Lost Bubble


Lost Bubble - this is a great casual game developers from the Turkish PeakGames. Immediately after the start of the game, you will meet this wonderful game with a beautifully soothing after a hard day, music, and you sit on more comfortable in your favorite chair, you take the tablet in one hand, and armed with his index finger, begin an adventure through the vast world that is captured Dark Nebula. The idea of ​​the game is that the worldwide spread of Pandora's box and to remove them you have to go through each of the 10 levels in each of the locations. The game has more than a hundred levels, ie, 20 locations. To help in your adventure is not easy Guardian of Light, which by his staff will decide the proposed developers of the puzzle. It is also very pleased that there is full Russian localization, for which many thanks to developers.

Before you start a level, you can use the special magic sphere, which can be bought either for gold or for precious crystals. All of these currencies can be bought for Donath, so if you have an extra couple of dollars, you are welcome in the store.

Consider the interface: at the top are an array of balls, for which you have to shoot at the bottom left shows the number of crystals, the number of lives (if you're playing a round or out of the game, you lose a life, which will eventually be restored.) On the right - shows the number of balls, the number of earned gold and points. The bottom of the screen is an indicator that allows you to see how many points you need to collect to the next key. Keys are used to move to the next level and location.

The graphics in the game is excellent, the special effects and unobtrusive colors pleasing to the eye and is not annoying. The game has 3 types of control:
1. Touch control, ie you press the point and the ball flies just in it
2. Inverted control, ie you hold your finger on the staff and by the sight you're looking for the right path, and then release your finger when you want to shoot
3. Wheel of sight - next to the block where the displayed number of points and gold is the wheel for maximum precision aiming. Once you take aim, press the wheel and made the shot.

To summarize: Lost Bubble - it's a great casual puzzle game with great graphics, music, a variety of management and not boring gameplay. Enjoy vremoprovozhdeniya!

- Hundreds of levels with unique design and interesting puzzles
- Simple and addictive gameplay
- 20 + Magic Spheres, which will help you in your adventures
- Three methods of control - choose the one that is most suitable for you!
- Sync progress with Facebook
- Ability to compete with your friends and help each other in difficult situations
- Full Retina display support
- Continual free updates with new functionality


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