Soldiers of glory: World War 2 (Soldiers of Glory - World)


Soldiers of glory: World War 2 (Soldiers of Glory - World) - Standard Tower Defense, made ​​in the schedule of World and military issues. You have to build a defense of his elaborately front to repel the attacks of the enemy and not to miss more than one enemy unit on your territory. The game is notable for the fact that there is no laser weapons and other space and not the real thing - only the weapons of the Second World War! Ahead of you have plenty of maps, several levels of complexity and weight of missions that you should definitely do! You will be able to get for their valor and courage more than 20 badges - Medals and Awards! And another feature is that apart from military action, you still need to treat your soldiers.

The game is implemented variety of weapons, you can control how the bazooka and the variety of vehicles, airships and other military equipment. Also you will find quite realistic graphics and real sounds of war.

Battles begin with 1944, in Normandy. The game is played to win in all European battles.
You - commander of allied forces. By controlling their troops, you have to beat off the Nazi forces seize Berlin and total victory in World War II!

Game genre Tower Defense, which accurately describes the battle in Europe during the Second World War.

- The ultimate weapon of the Second World War (bazooka, 155-mm gun, bomber B-29 half-track motorcycle Kettenkrad, SUV Kubelwagen, the tank "Tiger" airship "Zeppelin")
- Realistic special effects, the graphics in ultra-high resolution (UHD) and high-quality sound
- Upgrade combat units in the style of role-playing games
- 27 different medals
- 6 types of defensive positions and air support
- A fair presentation of battles on the fields of Europe during the Second World War
- You can select the campaign or individual battle. Battles take place on 24 different maps with three levels of difficulty in three modes.

What's new
1. Fixed a bug
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