Shark or Die (Bite or Die)


Shark or Die (Bite or Die) - the shark is out to get into your menu fresh human flesh! Awaken a killer instinct and go on the hunt for delicious surfers and girls in bikinis!

These nasty little people still cook their favorite shark fin soup, so it's time to pay them back in the same coin! Turn into an ocean predator, revenge for their relatives and snacking in half everything that comes into your mighty jaws: swimmers, inflatable toys, and other bathers. Observe from the bottom of the sea, as these lethal hunters strike a deal with terrifying speed and efficiency and even gobble your own friends! Yum-yum! Collect achievements to your machine devouring able to reach new levels. New Opportunities and instincts, allocate points for the murder to teach his absurd fry the brains and make them even more dangerous. Compare your score with the best performance of his friends and enjoy the true realm of terror, showing record results!

- Simulation shark with comic-style graphics and an endless black humor
- Ability to plan your route and hunting in real time
- Different types of swimmers
- Different scenarios with varying graphics
- Steep upgrades for your shark
- Achievements to which you can attach your tooth
- System for increasing the levels of the best demons with fins

* Xperia PLAY optimized *


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