1941 Frozen Front


1941 Frozen Front (1941 Frozen Front) - Winter 1941 was unusually severe. Heat-loving Germans are stuck together with his technique in the Soviet snow. To get on the "Frozen Front" sounded like a death sentence for the soldiers. With the help of a competent strategy send your troops to victory. At your disposal tanks, ATVs and infantry. Mask technique in the snow and open fire on the unsuspecting enemy. Defeat the enemy rate and allow the Nazis to change the tide of World War II.
The strategy in the best of its manifestation. It is impossible to stop playing! The real joy for the eyes! Witness shocking battles of the Second World War in an outstanding new hit strategy of HandyGames ™

- Fight in a dreadful cold of winter 1941 on the Eastern Front!
- Capture enemy positions with tanks and infantry!
- Destroy enemy headquarters with heavy bombers!
- To place their guns in rough terrain!
- To supply its troops with supplies and ammunition!
- To defend themselves against superior numbers opponent!

A team of German troops in their attack on the east or defend their homeland on the side of the Soviet troops. Prove your art military leader on the frozen front!

- Turn-based strategy in the style of action, which is set during World War II.
- Exciting and challenging campaign missions.
- Intense multiplayer battles.
- Historical German and Soviet units.
- Ability to repair, strengthen and masking units in combat.
- Infantry, artillery, tanks and combat aircraft of both sides.
- The hexagonal grid to improve the ability of the review.
- Highly detailed graphics and sounds superrealistichnogo.

* Supports Google Play game services *

Work is underway on new features and content!

Thank you for playing at "1941 Frozen Front»!


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