Extreme Skater


Extreme Skater (Extreme Skater) - Extreme Adventures fictional hero by Miniclip not over. He already owns a ride on a snowboard - iStunt 2, but winter has passed and the snow has melted, the soil was suitable only for SUVs and electric skateboards. And so begins our adventure simple. The dust of the city, equipped with playgrounds and other favorite places skaters skating behind. What do you expect in this game - the real extreme - the jungle with their unique topography, ghost towns, dilapidated times, steep climbs and descents on the ropes and a lot of other hazards and obstacles. Plus have to pick up the pieces of the meteorite to display their skills - the more collected, the steeper it means you ride. Not to mention the tricks that are unable to perform due to skate with huge wheels, developing at a frantic rate.
Collect coins on the track there, take the train in one piece. But not all would have been so simple, the levels are quite heavy, and sometimes need to hold on to the rope and slide down to the ground. And in a game store, for the collected coins you can buy skins player and skateboard and new tricks that help save lives and get more points.
It is a mediocre picture we can observe in similar games. It is very simple and the average measure is beautiful. Graphics juicy, so that even on the darkest areas we feel very good. The same quality and sound, all uncomplicated and enjoyable. By design it is certainly the golden mean, which is well-currant on all sides.
Miniclip has always been famous stout performance of the game, and this proof.


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