Nimble Quest


In Nimble Quest all about the same thing that was in the good old "Snake". Only snake now consists of different characters: Warrior, Archer, Mage, grenadier, etc. They go on the field, one after the other and fight the monsters darting back and forth. Thus not only can bump into walls, but in the opponents. Once your gallant company would kill a critical number of reptiles, you are taken to a new level, with new enemies, and so on to infinity. But unlike the old game there are some nuances: monsters who go too, it turns out, they know how to fight, and each has its own feature, for example: spiders are able to shoot slow-web. Another detail is very important who is in charge of this process, if a magician who attacks from a distance, you do not need to be approached very close to the enemy, and he is frail and will die quickly. But if it's a knight, you have to punch all as a battering ram, but also cautious, because he has only those who are very close to it. In addition to this in Nimble Quest Heroes pumped while getting thicker armor and more damage. On more complex levels of the game you see the benefit of bonuses that appear after the death of enemies: the magic bubble will allow the leader to survive head-on collision, and the swords increase the attack power of the entire team, the ice freezes enemies, and the bomb explodes instantly enemies in a large radius, chest throws on the field deposits of crystals, and these same magnetic crystals automatically pulled into a virtual wallet. The game has a local currency - crystals for them you can speed leveling, or improve the operation of bonuses.

To summarize we can say that the game draws from the head and once playing in it will not stop.


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