Glow Hockey 2


Glow Hockey air hockey table 2 will be a nice addition to the game table all smartphone users, but the game has a lot of pleasant moments that simply can not be overlooked, because without them you can not enjoy the game. So, when it comes to what to do several games with a friend or the computer, the air hockey recalled the time when playing it could only be a reality in special stolah.Zdes without it you can easily do, but the bright colors and neon lighting give a truly incredible view of the game. Actually, this is what is put as one of the advantages of this application, because the brightness and great sounding music here give more charm. In addition you can always try to turn a simple game into a real shooter who does not give a rest even for a minute. And all because the puck can drive here at cosmic speeds. However, when you can not break the rules and hands touch the puck, it even gives special drama. In Glow Hockey 2 can make the game more colorful, changing the color of the fields, pads, bats and of course, choosing the playing field to your liking, there are 3 slots to save the results, you can also play together. The game is great the graphics, play it - a real aesthetic pleasure.

- More effects
- Better animation
- New game modes

Good luck! And may the best man win!


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