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Sniper shooter free - fun game. The name speaks for itself. Never before have a sniper-killer was not so fun. Run the G-sensor of your android device, and mercilessly raze head men, who are in the job.
So what we have - a funny shooter with black men, weapons, missions, purpose. It's a great way to kill time, shot one and the other head. Be it a businessman or a postman, or a simple worker from across the street, you do not care who is your goal, you are given the task - your goal - its implementation. Sometimes even your agent will need protection from you. The reaction will determine the outcome of fate he would survive or not. And from the reactions of others, fled in fear or fall on their knees trembling in fear, well, just can not help but spanned a wide smile. All this, and a bunch of other delicious in so simple and funny toy store for you.
You are given a lot of chapters that need to go. Passage of each is estimated at three stars - that shows your technicality over the period of execution of missions. As you may have guessed, the heads of the same broken into podmissii, and without going through at least one of them - you will not be counted result of the entire chapter as a whole. And also at the end you will be the result of your accuracy, and precision.
Operation is carried out by the G-sensor, and unfortunately, that is one of the downsides of the game - to reconfigure the tangent control of the fingers - it is impossible, from which she also becomes more difficult, but we assure you - after playing a couple of three missions to such management quickly get used to, but this small drawback is compensated by free games, and the lack of advertising.
So you are given the same store where you can improve your weapons, and a pretty decent arsenal to boot.
To summarize we can say that in one toy we get hilarious shooter, cartoon 3D graphics, more missions to earn additional income, quest line, and many more goodies. Definitely worth a try. Merry hunting.

- Easy to control (click to shoot)
- 3D graphics
- A lot of goals and scenarios
- Improve your skills and take part in extreme missions
- A mini-puzzle Sniper
- Many chapters you to enjoy.
- More chapters soon.

Every shot is very important. Or you could lose your job.

What's new:
+ Minor bug fixes

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