Knightmare Tower

Break into the tower of the old castle, the cabbage chop all the monsters and save the dozen princesses - why not a story for another arcade? This unpretentious knightly adventure awaits you in colorful casual game Knightmare Tower.

Knightmare Tower is an example of how, based on the simple mechanics, it can be quite an interesting arcade game, in which you can hang out for hours on end. The word "hang" fits this game is the best because all the gameplay is based on jumping up. Starting with reactive rocket that will throw you a small height, you need to hack monsters appear out of nowhere. Each hit lets jump even higher, so the more often you will strike, the faster will be lifting.
Monsters can activate the spikes lead the attack from a distance or even disappear - all that is necessary to foresee. Falling in case of a miss to end the level does not lead to abuse but this is not necessary - on the heels should lava, which is able to burn all at once life. Management in this "skipping" elementary - With Gyro (slopes), drive the right and left, and tapas allow strikes and thus repelled. Upon reaching a certain point design and types of towers are replaced by monsters.
Knightmare Tower feature is the built-shop where you can buy a new helmet for better protection of the sword to strengthen the attack, a missile to the higher ups and a bunch of accessories that increase the chances of loss of lives, money and various accelerators. The farther you manage to climb, the more products will be available, the passage of each new level involves release another princess. Knightmare Tower also has a system of execution of secondary quests - there are about 70, so there is where carousing.
The game features a dramatic cartoon picture that fits perfectly into this type of arcade games. Similarly with music - funny, and sometimes even epic melodies matched just fine. As disadvantages could be mentioned only the absence of the possibility of changing the type of control, but it's mostly nitpicking. Knightmare Tower - great arcade game, which will allow you to pass more than one hour of free time.
Distributed game totally free, but to get all the features available in the game will require a small investment (it is possible to play without them). Installation requires the device to Android 4.0.3 or later system.

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