Tank Riders 2


Tank Riders 2 - continuation of the popular arcade tanchikov company Polarbit. You will become the commander of a separate tank. Your iron each part of the 153rd tiny tank battalion. In connection with this, you have to constantly perform various tasks management, which often consist in destroying enemy tanks and other facilities.
You will directly manage a tank. All the action takes place on a small game map. All you need to do - is to destroy enemy tanks. You must figure out how to solo destroy dozens of enemy tanks. Without a good strategy here to do nothing. Incidentally, in this hard work will help you to different places on the map: bombs, wall and other things.
We expect different game cards, various as the landscape, and the number of different objects. We will visit the desert, in the Arctic and even caves.
The graphics look very cool. And nice to please the eye.


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