Slender Man Origins


Slender Man Origins Free - Walk in the footsteps of the Thin Man (Slendermena), become a witness of his terrible deeds and save innocent children from the inevitable violence. Soak up the atmosphere puzzle horror and mysticism! Explore, peering and listened closely go through the gloomy corridors, dusty rooms, dense forests and deserted streets of ancient tombs, ancient trees and abandoned houses. But beware! Slender next!

In a way you can meet a lot of unknown, and not all occurrences will be harmless. Always remember that every step could be your last - because Slendermen (Thin Man) is watching you ...

- Four diverse atmospheric locations
Each location is unique, full of detail and designed to trifles

- A variety of weather conditions
Explore each of the locations under different conditions, giving each its own shade of passage

- Setting
Slendermen (Thin Man) - is not the only thing that will keep you in suspense. While
sometimes strange events around may simply be part of the unknown, many of them represent a danger, some can block your path, and others - and be fatal. Be prepared for anything!

- Easy and intuitive
Navigate and explore the world as accustomed to - you can always choose the most convenient for you control circuit.

- Use headphones!
Surround sound makes the atmosphere even more mysterious, and listening to the direction you are often able to obtain additional information that will help you navigate the terrain, or even to avoid the danger.

- Nice graphics
Small details, soft light and a set of objects, as well as the shade of every tree, every stone on the ground and iron rod in the cemetery fence - you will want to make a couple of pictures on memory.


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