Fishy Rush


Fishy Rush - an incredibly exciting adventure through underwater depths waiting for you! Help fish pass all the tests and collect as many gold coins. On your way to meet toothy sharks, stingrays and other inhabitants of the ocean. Collect bonuses, quests and improve your fish with each successive swim.
Fishy Rush - is a vertical scrolling arcade game with an interesting realization. Its essence is to help the little fish to overcome obstacles and collect all the coins. But it is not as easy as it might seem. Fish on the way and then get up the evil inhabitants of the deep sea: hungry shark with huge teeth, power ramps with lightning claws with their strong claws and many others.
In Fishy Rush great animation and voice. Movement of sea creatures look extremely attractive and funny - it is worth a look. And the sounds that they make, and all beyond praise. Game music is unobtrusive and relaxing. Playing like: both children and adults.


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