Before us is the next project, a remake of the old popular game that has become one more in the galaxy of such returnees from the past. But if it remained the same as before? ... The answer has been received from the first seconds after launch when there was a stunning show "Laser supervintovka allows you to direct the enemy powerful penetrating straight ray" - mu ha ha, we are at, it's all the same CONTRA. Who does not know what the "Contra" and the word does not cause him any public associations - so he obviously already born in this century. But the current generation of players will find in this masterpiece, something interesting for yourself.
The old game mechanics could deter modern gamers, and the presence of a very annoying Donata upset "oldies" but "Contra" and in Africa - "Contra". AND CONTRA: EVOLUTION probably join the list of successful remakes on Android.

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