Mold on Pizza

Moves one sweet-looking mold spores and saw forgotten piece of delicious and juicy pizza, which still has not been staked out microorganisms. But she tried to "sit" on the object as occupying ingredients preservatives attacked her. Angered by the audacity and rudeness invaders, our heroine called their friends and relatives. Now, for the control of fertile land will unfold the real war in which players play the role of commander in chief of the expeditionary corps.
Several species of fungi and families meet on the battlefield with 52 different types of enemies. Planted an unexpected landing, apply flanking aisles, include "berserk mode 'and breach the defenses surrounding or wade in the rear, and in a difficult situation, use the increase in humidity for maximum results of your troops. A different properties of a "family" units opens up even more tactical possibilities.

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