The Tower

We have a broad base on which will be block by block to build our masterpiece. You need to put a layer of constantly moving as accurately as possible (for good - 20 coins, and is ideal for - 40), because if you construct a curve, the excess will be clipped and already the next level will be equal to the size of the previous one. A shorter piece, the faster its movement, and therefore it will be necessary to put as a very, very difficult.
Use of the currency and the possibility of a good start at the very beginning you will have a high and exactly built building that will be an opportunity to set a new record.
Starting with a tower-like architecture of the ancient Greek temples and earn a decent amount of money you can go to a medieval castle, skyscraper American metropolis or erect a lonely lighthouse on a tiny island.
The Tower requires players leisurely approach and precision of action, as well as patience and perfectionism droplets.

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