Swinging Stupendo

Events unfolding somewhere on the boundary of change of previous centuries, the movie still exist, the most affordable mass entertainment only circus. In which the player and will act as an acrobat-ekstrimala. He is blue-bodied, with big eyes and a mustache chic. And he knows how to throw like a spider web, this skill he earns performing in the circus.
But not only his talents attract people to buy tickets in bulk with a colorful presentation of a strong man, even though all the action is incredibly dangerous and deadly. Placed along the entire route conductive devices à la Nikola Tesla, the slightest touch of which cause severe paralysis, and hence a fall from a great height. Need to be careful.
In Swinging Stupendo good physics to which the game quickly gets used and operates intuitively. A hardcore gameplay will please all lovers of challenging games.

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