The Bait

Yes! Vacation is not specified! How long the protagonist wanted to get rid of the daily routine, to fly far, far away, to where the heat and the sun, go for a walk along the beach enjoying the sound of the surf and the spectacular views of the local landscape. But who would have thought that it's all over so quickly and so badly. One false move, one careless movement and that's - Mr. Turtle, and it was he central protagonist of the topical situation hanging over the water, clinging to the rope, and below the eyes looking at him very hungry inhabitants of the deep sea. But they will not wait until the character will exhaust and dump them in the "dining table" without sighting jumps to the side of the protagonist with the aim to bite him, and steal for themselves, for you to become a real problem. Absolutely everything - from small to huge sharks rybёshek eager to taste your flesh. Swinging on a rope, shoot down their course and collect flying coins. They will need to improve your physical characteristics.

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