Kung Fu Rabbit

Somewhere in the very distant planet ancient evil dormant until one day terrified did not wake up in fright from the prophetic dream. There it saw his own death and those who will be the cause of this. Controlled by the army of evil aliens popped up immediately on the specified coordinates. At this time, one of the oldest temples of fun and carefree young apprentices trained kung-fu rabbit for his wise guidance of the teacher and voracious. He was away for just a second, and when he returned, he found already the final stage of the capture of his charges aliens landing party. This can not be forgiven, much less forgotten. And the master of martial arts, ringing pohrumkivaya carrot went in pursuit of the kidnappers. These creatures are all left behind a strange, very poisonous black substance, it is for the most part and have to be avoided during the entire trip. Well, as well as themselves heroes of the occasion.

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