Mine Quest - Dwarven Adventure

Since ancient times, this world belonged to the gnomes and their faithful girlfriends fairies. Bezvylazno first mined in the mines of different useful and winged assistants were responsible for timely advice and support magic. Then one day one of the bearded with a pickaxe found at a depth of a strange cube. what can we do with him? Of course, with all his strength to hit the working tool. Flash! And where are they? Heroes were strewn in a cave in complete darkness. Making his way through the rock into the fresh air, they found that all of the island's population was gone without a trace, along with houses and belongings. It is necessary to investigate and find lost relatives, and at the same time find out what is the cause of the incident. And it needs to be again burrow into the ground and look, look and look once more.

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