SEED2 - Vortex of War


SEED is a mixture of two akshena and RPG about war, love and adventure. This epic sequel - one of the most exciting and powerful gaming events in the App Store Five years have passed since the last adventure, and he Litta - now a teacher, but one night the old dream of a strong Litta encourages others to take an epic quest. And he and Gina went to the bright and bustling city of Moizer, now almost completely destroyed by the war. Join Litt and Gina in their dangerous adventure in Kalikuf! Choose your character and shape: its ability to adjust to the treatment of slashing weapons, firearms, or magic.

Every product that you put on makes a change to your costume: configure their equipment to get the style you want! High speed and the battle without rest, waiting for you with more than 160 kinds of monsters, more than 200 fields of battle! You will use a variety of abilities in battle. In the journey you will perform a variety of missions, from the destruction of evil monsters, gather treasure, seeking valuable products, offers protection to those who need it as much as the capture of enemy strongholds, and many more! Explore a vast continent, visit the 24 colorful and characteristic villages and solve every quest.


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