Final Space


Final Space - XXV at the beginning of the century, after the successful colonization of Mars, Venus and Saturn's moons, a few, one begins the next phase of the conquest of the universe.
Galactic Wormhole combined all of the known planetary system, which allowed humanity to move forward.
Unfortunately, peace did not last long. Transnational groups are fighting for influence in the newly exposed parts of the universe.
You Atris, the pilot of a spaceship. Your task is to patrol the tunnels and destroy enemy ships.

- Two game modes (story and survival)
- 48 missions in story mode
- Unlimited number of missions in survival mode!
- Three planetary systems research: The solar system, Alpha Centauri, Sirius.
- Highly detailed 3D-graphics
- Dynamic gameplay.
- Spectacular special effects and explosions
- Dynamic soundtrack and stunning sound effects
- A huge selection of weapons
- System improvements arms
- Accelerometer and virtual mode control
- Profiles of the camera first and third person



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