Battleheart - coberi a small detachment of soldiers and go all the way, consisting of more than a dozen missions, Improve his army, gained the experience and spend them in real time through a series of fierce battles with monsters and expanding its power. Bring havoc on their enemies with the help of dozens of unique spetsumeniya appearing in the accumulation of experience, improve the equipment of his party, turning it into an invincible force on the battlefield! The graphics in the game, albeit in a 2D format but it looks very nice. The effects of spells simply breathtaking. Become a hero by destroying the evil magician!

- Intuitive control of your army, use the touch command.
- Create a unique party with mnozhnestva character classes, which include the invisible thieves, powerful wizards and knights persistent!
- Kastomiziruyte heroes dozens of unique skills - literally hundreds of combinations of classes and abilities!
- Use the ability to control squad battle - turn all your enemies into frogs, stun them with poisons or simply wash them off the face of the earth meteor strikes and steel hurricane!
- More than 100 unique items that you can find and use, throughout the campaign with more than 30yu levels, culminating in epic battles with the bosses!
- Send an assembled unit to the ultimate test of strength in the arena for survival, where you can find rare and unique rewards!
- The incredible detail of the animation and arts, designed specifically for the latest mobile devices!




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  • Posted by: asd (guest), 2012-11-26 17:54:35
    SUPER !

  • Posted by: Ruan (guest), 2014-03-04 04:52:22
    Muito obrigada, tava procurando esse, muito bom recomendo

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