MyBrute - in this game you are not required, unlike many other online gaming projects, always sitting at the computer day and night repeating the same monotonous action, or try to push some impossible combination of keys on the keyboard, waiting for the right time to strike. No wonder the world is called My Brute fighting game for the lazy gamer! Perhaps you've seen a simple online game where battles between the characters, all the actions described in the text boring. The game MyBrute, it is not so! In this free online game prostate is a different kind! you do not receive text messages carried out fight - you watch it directly on your screen! Almost live! And the portrayal of the fighting done at the best level! And yet again, you get a lot of positive, good mood and ocean smiles!
The game insanely easy - you just choose a character name as it will look and coloring, all the rest solves a random factor. Assistants (sobaki. wolves. Bears etc), weapons, abilities are given randomly, you simply choose the opponent, with whom you want to compete and enjoy the fight - the characters themselves spend boy.Personazhi nicer, designed, bright and high-quality animation.


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  • Posted by: Si1ver (guest), 2012-12-18 15:43:36
    Спасибо всем тем кто выбирал меня мастером.Я уверен вы об этом не пожалели. Для новичков которые не хотят играть в одиночку,А хотят получать бонусы,Я советую добавлять меня. Я медведь 14 уровня с достаточно хорошим процентом побед,талантами и питомцами. Что бы это не выглядело пустыми словами прикрепляю скриншоты. Мой код JEDECHHE

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