Onplon v.1.01


Onplon - this is a game, the game improved with exercise books they ordered consecutive numbers from 1 to 100 and the goal was to erase all digits. In this game of numbers on the order of magnitude of numbers, and the field is randomly generated, the generation algorithm but always provides solubility.
That is, initially there is a box filled with numbers. The goal - to clear the entire field. With the field cleared two adjacent numbers, if they are identical or the sum of ten. Considered two adjacent numbers between them vertically or horizontally no other figures. For example the number 2 is deleted with an adjacent number 2 or 8. The game has three difficulty levels, which vary the dimension of the field: the easy mode (6x9 box), average mode (field 7x10) and advanced mode (field 8h11).
Playing in their interest, does not require much mental activity, but at the same time well-coached logic, because for all its apparent simplicity is not easy to win. The plan resembles Onplon to Sudoku, but still playing with his philosophy differs from it. The game is internal statistics, where data on the number of parties, and the best time wins.

Version 1.0.1:


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