Bridge Architect v.1.2.7


Bridge Architect - create a stable structure that can sustain high loads and not collapse under the weight of vehicles. Develop the skills of the architect. You will be available for a certain amount of building elements to build your design.
Test your engineering skills!
At your disposal a number of building blocks for the construction and testing of the bridge before the cars reach their destination.
Use the Stress (voltage) to see the distribution of stress on the details of the bridge: the red light means high voltage, and the gray and black - low. Activate this option to minimize stress design and build a solid bridge.
This version is optimized for the Galaxy Note.

- Innovative Drawing
- Easy-to-use interface for drawing
- Realistic physics engine
- 48 +12 additional levels
- Custom colors for painting
- Diverse and unique building materials
- A lot of cars
- Autosave level
- Online Leaderboards
- No Advertisement

Version 1.2.7:

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