Bridge Constructor Playground v.1.2


Game «Bridge Constructor Playground» - an introduction to mostostroitelstvo for players of all ages. It gives you the opportunity in no limit your imagination - there is nothing impossible. The game consists of 30 exciting levels, where you build bridges over deep gorges, rivers and canals. Then your bridges are tested for strength, to determine whether they are able to support the weight of passing them on cars and trucks.
Game «Bridge Constructor Playground» even easier for a beginner than «Bridge Constructor», our hit number 1. In addition, it includes a comprehensive tutorial part. Your budget is not restricted, and you can use almost any building materials, so you can let your imagination run wild as it should. You can do whatever you want: creative mostostroitelstvom you can do without looking at the clock! Experienced players will like the new system icons - you can win by 5 squares for each bridge to meet certain requirements (for example, does not exceed the maximum withstand loads). Along with a clear and easy interface all this makes the game «Bridge Constructor Playground» interesting and engaging for the whole family, you can indulge in for hours on end.

- 32 level.
- 5 types of landscape: the city, canyons, beaches, mountains and hills.
- Map with unlocked worlds / levels.
- Comprehensive introductory part, which facilitates the learning process.
- The new icons for both beginners and professionals.
- 4 different types of materials: wood, steel, steel cables and concrete piles.
- Limit load of materials displayed in percentage and color schemes.
- Two different levels of load - for cars and trucks.
- Best score for each level.
- Support Facebook (each picture screens and accounts for bridges).

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