100 Gates


100 Gates - game in the style of «room escape». The game is set in an ancient castle with appropriate decorations, try to escape from the largest possible number of rooms. You expect a gloomy atmosphere of the castle, colorful graphics and, of course, a fascinating puzzle.
To open them you will need to take non-standard solutions, and with the first levels. Use whatever you have on hand. Many of the items are moved or can be used several times, and transferred to the next level.

- Best of the exit door for ANDROID
- Completely free
- Full use of the device features!
- The use of mini-puzzles!
- Gorgeous graphics and sound
- Balanced difficult level from very easy to very hard

How to play:
- Open the door to get this to the next level
- Each level has a different puzzle to solve
- Use every possible way to unlock: Drag, Shake, touch the floor, Swipe, Tap, tilt, buttons, etc.
- Many different items available

Just try it. Do you like it!

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