100 Doors: RUNAWAY


100 Doors: RUNAWAY - it's pretty funny and extraordinary puzzle. Your main task will be to escape, but on the way you will stand 100 doors to be open. Of course, you'll have to solve puzzles and perform a variety of actions to get through the next stage. The game has many levels, but the developers promise a regular addition of new tasks. The main goal of the game was to reduce the number of mathematics and logic to increase the need to play the game could largest contingent. The game will involve all the capabilities of your mobile device. The complexity of the puzzles are constantly increasing.

The rules are the same: rub, poke, shake, tilt, drag to find a way to solve puzzles.

The game contains:
- 77 New Levels
- Weekly updates of new levels!
- Less is more math logic!
- Provides simple levels for stopping to rest from the more complex
- Stunning graphics
- Full use of all the capabilities of your device!
- Fun puzzle!
- The levels of light are arranged in a more complicated

This game is guaranteed to hook you!

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