Angry Bot


Angry Bot - This puzzle game will involve you in the exciting world of logic and programming. You control the evil red robot, whose main purpose - to break all the lights on the level. Add commands to the robot control program and monitor the results. Not when even the world of robots was not so entertaining! You will spend an evil red robot through the maze of levels full of interesting puzzles, obstacles and bonuses. At first glance, it seems simple, but winning only one solution! You have to use all the resources of the brain to find it. The game will be especially interesting for those who like non-trivial task, and merry making, people with an analytical mind and programmers.


- Simple but nice 3D graphics

- On some levels there are multiple solutions, each of which affects the amount of points.

- More than 20 levels of varying difficulty. The number of levels in the paid version is constantly updated

- Simple and intuitive interface

- Category 6 +

- Develops logic and spatial reasoning

- Group VKontakte and Facebook, where you can ask a question, if you have difficulties with the passage of

- The presence of the free version with a limited number of levels.

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