Puzzle Quest 2


Puzzle Quest 2 - travel fantastic and interesting world, meeting with strange creatures, the use of powerful weapons, and addictive role playing in this sequel Puzzle Quest, a hugely successful RPG-games from D3Publisher. Puzzle Quest 2, originally created for Nintendo, was later re-released on Xbox and PC, and now to Android. Game successfully combined the genres of RPG and "three in a row." Protect villagers Verloren from the machinations of the demon Gorgon. Help people to defeat the monsters, completing various quests and getting paid for it useful rewards.
Adventures begin immediately after character creation. Here we have the first encounter with a difficult decision: the choice of class to your character. It can be nimble Assassin, Barbarian, strong, hardy Templar or Mage full of riddles. Your decision depends the future strategy of the game. Gender of character - no more than a decorative feature, whereas the choice of the race, the character will receive both strengths and weaknesses. For example, being a barbarian, you can easily avoid a significant physical damage due to improved physical protection, while the Mage uses spells to attack skillfully wielded his staff as a direct assault, and assault in the attacks.
We are waiting for unique combat system, more of this you will not find. Every single battle is a puzzle game three in a row. To make an attack on the enemy, you need to collect any three items. For example, to make a physical impact, you need to collect a series of three skeleton, and to strike the enemy with magic - you need to collect three flasks with manna.
We must remember that some attacks require you to collect several groups of objects. For example, you need to collect three skeletons and three gloves. Such attacks are the strongest.
The game has two kinds of quests:
1. Key - lead you through the story of the application.
2. Secondary - not mandatory, but give a nice bonus for the performance. For example, they can get gold or a good weapon.
Puzzle Quest 2 - a great game to have fun. This RPG will please every player of his performance, graphics and pretty easy passage.

- Choose one of four classes, as well as the sex of the character.
- Explore the vast and exciting world!
- A unique combat system;
- Multiple levels;
- Excellent graphics and animation;
- Excellent sound;
- Exciting storyline (if you know English);
- You can play the passage or just in single combat.
Puzzle Quest 2 supports a resolution of 800 × 480, 854 × 480, 960 × 540, 1024 × 600 and 1280 × 800.

Cash ** takes about 270mb on the SD card.

The cache can be pumped through the wi-fi.


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