Railway Bridge (Railway Bridge)


Railway Bridge (Railway Bridge) - is an addictive puzzle game suitable for all those who love to build and construct. The game is a all that is necessary for any player that is easy to use interface, good music and good graphics. Goal of the game - you have to build a bridge, traveling on a train that goes to the next level. Bridge course should be reliable and not come apart under composition, no matter how hard and long he was not. For construction can be used at your disposal improvised goal - props, rope rails. In that case if everything is done right, then, along with his passenger train you go to an exciting adventure through mysterious deserts, green meadows and prairies, through the snow-capped mountains, forward towards new adventures.
The construction of the railway bridge - it is responsible, and without knowledge of the physical laws can not do here. Complexity increases from level to level, passing each of which offers the player access to new trains.
Full version of the game contains many different levels and trains. Each of them has its landscape, its railroad and its bridge, which should be built, to pave the way forward locomotive.


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