Puzzle Forge 2

Gravely magically gifted young man was hurt when you "cut" on the entrance exams to the metropolitan academy. Returning to his native village was a question - where to go? It was decided to become a blacksmith, old as time went into retirement without leaving the receiver.
And so from morning to night you reach customers with orders - the soldiers of the local baron will be pleased to any weapon, even the most simple, but they are poorly paid. But the glorification of war heroes and will require you to make something special. And on how well you do the order will depend on your reputation as a master of and payment for the work. A pair of triple satisfied celebrities and now - already the turn of the window. What is the secret of your success, so that you do not have thrown their talents and maximize their use in production.
Do not forget to go to the store for new ingredients and drawings, as well as to go to night school of magic, where you can learn many interesting things.

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