Devil's Attorney v.1.0.3


Devil's Attorney (The Devil's Advocate) - this is a very exciting and unusual adventure, in which the main role is played by Max McManaman, who is so greedy and wicked people, that money is dearer to him than his own mother and his own conscience. With this approach to life he gets a lawyer and helping criminals to avoid punishment for a large sum of money. The more money he would be paid, the better protection it is ready to give his client and saying anything, but the judge dismissed the order and the offender is not serving his sentence. All the money that has to earn so dark the way he spends on himself, to their homes and their entertainment, as well as the opportunity to learn new types of fraud. The story itself is based on a text adventure, which is built on simple tasks in which your task is to find the answer, and the correct answers to all the witnesses and prosecutors. Throughout the game, you have to protect the criminals and use with a variety of ways and means: persuasion, questioning, examination, and even hypnosis. And of course all this is just to get their desired money.

- 58 trials,
- Amazing story,
- 3 areas of action
- 9 prosecutors
- 3 difficulty levels.

ARMv7 version 1.0.3:
Path cache: sdcard / Android / obb


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