Swordbreaker Demo

In Swordbreaker th tells the story of an unnamed war and adventure, but simply unemployed rogue in search of a good jackpot. Things are moving in a grim fantasy Middle Ages, death, dirt, filth, disease and bloody war just normal daily.
One day, spending the last coin on booze in a seedy tavern, he witnessed a drunken quarrel and murder. Assailant fled in haste, and mortally wounded had to put our hero piece of paper. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that a map showing the way to an abandoned castle. These events marked the beginning of a fascinating and very dangerous adventure.
In Swordbreaker beautifully painted backgrounds, exciting plot, great variability of action allows the passage of the game more than once, different endings are affected by the choice in moral delema and most importantly, full support for Russian language.

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