Riptide GP v.1.5


Riptide GP - Race for the mobile water developed on the vector units, from the developers of the game Hydro Thunder Hurricane for Xbox 360. The first game in the style of racing on the water, the next best console.
Untwist the charged water bike and take a ride on a twisted canals and rivers, cities and landscapes futuresticheskie mysterious laboratories. Skills, tricks and speed will be your best mates, as soon as you picked up the air by a huge wave, through efferent, smertelnyee voznesesh tricks and your bike to victory without exception, even through a stream of foam and spray.
Designed and shaped to take full advantage of the devices based on NVIDIA ® Tegra ™, super realistic physics of water, magnificent highly detailed vehicles and environment.

Rev. 12 futuresticheskih water trails
Discover and get your 6-fast water bikes,
3 game modes: Race, hot laps and the Championship,
Grab the air flow and fulfill dramatic stunts to earn acceleration
Changing environment with interactive racing acceleration
Earn achievements, post on the leader board and riding against your friends for the best time, with integrated support for OpenFeint,
Designed specifically for phones and tablets based on NVIDIA's Tegra2, the first mobile superchip,
The game is easy to learn.

Version 1.5:

Only ARMv7:


attention! All files are placed with permission of the authors or applications found in the public domain in the internet, if some of the files violates your rights, please let us know
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    как устаноить?

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    como baixa prr

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    зайди на планшет в проводник на карту нажми и на игру  понял

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    игра супер ваше качайте не пожелете это батл я даж сказать не могу

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    The link is not working 

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