Bang Bang Racing THD


Bang Bang Racing THD - excellent physics, stylish graphics - all that immerses you in the atmosphere creates a sense of cool racing game console on your mobile phone. Pumping physics, gorgeous graphics - a true console racing experience on mobile.
You will experience a feeling that rides on a game console, due to the optimization and game design made specifically for devices with NVIDIA ® Tegra on board who use the technology NVIDIA ® PhysX.
Bang Bang Racing THD - fun, full of constant action game racing game with many great graphics and effects pumped sports cars. For toy graphics, hides a warm heart truevoy this race. Dynamic processing of physics effects adds a value of skill - to drift through corners and clipping paths will take a lot of pleasure to any player.
Feature of the game also features a unique control system that allows you to simply point where to drive the car as if you are drawing the strip, where you want your racing car.

- Innovative approach to physics, lets you experience the console instead of the phone in their hands.
- 8 vertiginous slopes.
- 4 types of machines, including: a powerful "N-Dura", a Sport "Evo GT", Buggy "Protech" and "Apex".
- 20 cars, each with its own management model and selection of skins.
- Dynamic objects: oil, burning barrels, cones and tires.
- The game also includes a one-time-in mode, time trial, championship and transmission lines in the opposite direction.
- Built-in online high scores and achievements Openfeint, which will allow you to see at what point you are in comparison to your friends and rivals around the world.

Version 1.4 for TEGRA:

Version 1.6 Non-TEGRA:


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