Death Racer Free

What came out of it would be in real life is uncertain, and it is unlikely it someone decided, but as it is known in the virtual world there is nothing impossible. So the developers studio Pocket Scientists, released a number of fairly good arcades, dream a little pleased us with his new project called Death Racer Free: All Vehicles. This game is a kind of hodgepodge of action and arcade racing simulator. Here are connected dynamic race of classic cars, hung with armor and weapons, which is an integral part of uncompromising rivalry with the sea of ​​fire and a hail of bullets. And at the same time, the creators have paid great attention to realism - a plausible physical model, system damage and beautiful scenery. Another feature of the game is the complete lack of in-game purchases, all modules and improvements you can unlock just by playing, and this despite the fact that the game is free.

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