Driver XP

One of the most memorable moments - is the ability to free ride on a huge track. Which you can select and define the starting place on the map. Unlimited and wide roads make it possible to develop more speed and enjoy the correct physical model. But the police did not agree with your behavior and recklessness, so you very quickly trailers pursuit of several patrol cars and a helicopter annoying. Here and there one of the tasks of these races - to get away from his pursuers. In addition to the set speed, sharp turns, you can try your luck on trampolines spaced at regular intervals. The police are not shy to put spikes and barriers, which is very easy to get bogged down. You can also switch places and arrange to catch criminals. So there race on time, the objectives and the classic race with rivals.

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    tato hra je veľmi  dobrá stiahnite si ju aj vi je fantastická. 

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