CrazXQuad - a retro toy for Android-devices, which give you the opportunity to take part in races on the ATV. Retro, because his performance is reminiscent of games that are still on the first "Pentium" wildest excitement caused by control something very similar to the car. Racing will take place in the canyons, desert, snow, next to the volcanoes and other scenic spots of our planet.
The full version of the game you will be offered three types of ATVs, which differ mainly in the cubature (engine capacity). It is not known as the most powerful ATV will behave on the road, even if the weakest most of the time in flight. Maybe not in flight, but the control of the game is that sometimes it seems as if the wheel does not control a vehicle traveling along the ground and swim in a kayak on the rapids of a mountain river mad.
In general, the ATV is almost the helm, and in order not to crush into the fence on the next turn, you'll have to try very hard. Sometimes it is better to completely stop ATV than to allow contact with the fence. All because of the fencing off so hard, like a huge magnet.
During the passage of the route you will come across various bonuses in the form of money and the accelerator, but do not even try to catch them. Can only hope that the bonus would be in the place at which you will carry. In addition to these bonuses, there is also a bomb, and this is probably the best bonus - it does not give you a long time to suffer.
Basically, the game looks quite acceptable and in some cases even funny, but to play it, not having a spare phone, it's a big risk to remain entirely without communication. At least, if your walls are not lined with mattresses. Type in the game only the third person. The graphics above average, but compared to controls on the little things just do not pay attention.
By the way, by default, the game is control by the accelerometer. To avoid dehydration, we would recommend to switch the control on touch. Otherwise, pull out your ATV from the fence will only have the one who accidentally runs into him on the second lap (no reverse gear and automatic acceleration).

- Extreme wind-up feelings
- Full 3D rendering in real time
- Excellent physics dvideniya ATV
- Huge spectacular jumps
- A special shop for purchases of new ATVs
- Expanded configure your ATV
- The original sound and music tracks
- Selection of games
- Selection of the control, or using the navigation arrows or touch with the accelerometer


attention! All files are placed with permission of the authors or applications found in the public domain in the internet, if some of the files violates your rights, please let us know
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