Red Bull Kart Fighter WT


Not bothered to drive a sports car? Then you should pay attention to the game Red Bull Kart Fighter WT. At this time you will ride on karts, and the form of the game will be the third person, from the top. You will have the opportunity to ride on the track of a country, after downloading it via an Internet connection, and to fight for the World Cup. The game has two versions of passage - a free game or participate in the global race for the Cup World Tour.
In free play mode, you will have more opportunities to learn the track, and as a result it is better to pass it on to make fewer mistakes during a major race. Also you can see and remember the location of bonuses on the track, and use it later as bonuses for some time produce a significant increase in speed. But be careful, because the need for cornering and high speed to drift there will be no good. The game is the most simple operation, you'll steer through clicks on the screen smartphone - the left and right of the screen.
OS: 2.1 and above.


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