Call of Duty: Heroes

The popularity of Call of Duty has reached such heights that the emergence of a new game in this universe did not surprise anyone. The choice this time fell on the very popular genre now online strategies for android.
Despite the big name, the gameplay is a classical action. Building a base, mining resources (gold and oil) are spent on development and modernization, build defensive structures, training centers and workshops.
With more or less large group of soldiers we send them to destroy the enemy base. Covers them one of the "heroes" - recognizable character from the series. By default, we give Captain Price, but eventually we will get access to the other. And of course they can and should improve the performance and discover new spetsvozmozhnosti (shot from a grenade launcher, a call or launch a combat helicopter drone missiles at targets).
Single-coil company, during which we will visit a variety of countries around the world, serves as a training manual for the main course - PvP battles. Here then turn the hottest battle between the armies.

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