Knights & Snails

That rose scion of a noble and wealthy family, and not spoiled lazy and a real knight dreams of heroism, military glory, rescued the princess and so on. But here the classic Middle Ages, so that no dragons, wizards, too, and the kingdom of living for many years in peace and tranquility. What to do? Well, of course the favorite pastime of the aristocracy of those times - Participation in the tournament!
Plenty of work-out in the courtyard of his castle, knock together a decent group of like-minded people go, rattling armor, the cities and villages, in order to have time for all competitions.
In the event of both teams involved the same number of participants, each of them has different characteristics. Given their strengths and weaknesses distribute their sequence performances and fight.
And in a race go on horseback valiant war, most importantly for a moment before the collision forces on the scale to get to a certain point and then very likely victory will be yours.

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