Fishing Superstars


Fishing Superstars you will be able to immerse your head in the world of sport fishing. Gorgeous realization game will allow you to enjoy the process of catching fish and literally feel like fighting fish that are trying to pull out of his element. You will have 12 different cards, scattered around the world, you can try a variety of fishing rods and tackle and see the huge number of fish species. Create your character, choose accessories to it, increase the skills, go through quests, earn money and compete with other players.
The game received a decent hand-drawn graphics and colorful design. However, the developers were not able to give the game dynamics, as a result the picture looks even static and boring. While on the other hand, in real life fishing implies a measured contemplation of the water. But throw out the schedule and tell you a bit about the gameplay. The general idea is simple: sit down worm throws the bait, wait a bit and begin to drag the fish to the shore. Diversity for the sake of the developers added the ability to perform a variety of quests, which essentially boils down to catching certain species of fish and the use of special tools.
But most of all pleased with the game realistic and multifaceted process of pulling out the fish. For each fish will have to develop your technique and strategy. For example, sometimes slightly loosen the fishing line or exhaust the fish before you get her to the shore. Thus, you have to spend a lot of time just to learn all the intricacies of fishing. By the way, the game is a lot of tips and advice, but without knowledge of English, they will be useless.
Control of the game done perfectly. One of the notable highlights is the process of throwing the hook, which uses the accelerometer, which means you are doing translational motion with his hand, as if actually throwing bait. Then you only need to wait a few seconds, you can feel the fish pecked, and at the same time the float would dive under the water. Now the reverse movement of the hand hooking a fish and begin to twist the coil located in the right corner of the screen. In parallel, the need to slide a finger across the screen to move the rod and thus wear down the fish. Note that in the process of pulling out the fish phone will vibrate, simulating the resistance. If you were still able to win the fish and pull it to shore, you will have two options for what to do: sell it or put in your aquarium.
It would seem that the game is good all around, but it has a huge negative - Donuts. It is quite hard, and for a normal game would have to pour a large amount of real money. Basically, the money will be required to replenish the energy that is required for each zakidyvaniya rods. In addition, if you missed the fish, then you will write off additional units of energy, as a result several unsuccessful attempts to catch fish - and have to wait half a day, while the energy again has accumulated. The second drawback, though not so great is the obligatory presence of the Internet, without which just do not get to play.

All the same game Fishing Superstars can be called one of the best implementations of fishing. However, the presence of so hard Donuts and the need for constant Internet connection is probably upset most of the players.

- To test the intuitiveness FISHING
Your phone responds to the environment, to your movements and re-creates the real thrill of fishing!
- Won first place in the competitive mode
Compete with others in the competitive mode to see who has more skill and patience to catch the best fish!
- Collect coins and items in KVESTVOM MODE
Get new challenges in the quest Quest Mode, and earn special items and coins!
- What is in your tank?
Going to catch a fish and you feed her for the experience!
- Adapt to the user FISHING
Equip your avatar large set of items from sunglasses to lure the fish!



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