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«Disney Infinity: Action!» - Gives us the opportunity to meet several characters from different universes connected in one application. There is a monster James Sullivan of Pi "Monsters, Inc.", a brave pirate Jack Sparrow from "Pirates of the Caribbean" and Mr. Superb of "The Incredibles." All these characters are available initially, and for a fee to the aforesaid list of characters can be added Jack Skellington from "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Each of them is ready to do whatever you order. When the need arises, you can always change one character standing in front of you, on the other. When you pass the baton characters communicate with each other a couple of replicas.
The annex has two global modes, one of which - "Toy Box." Here we are invited ... oddly enough, play with the characters in all possible ways. Each character has their own unique abilities that are activated when pressed, hold, swipe, etc. For example, Jack Sparrow is able to snatch his belt edged weapons and waving it around the side, and Sally can show master class frightening roar. Heroes can also equip special items, each of which each of the characters has its own effect. So, Buzz Lightyear jetpack allows little heroes fly and drive from the futuristic "Tron" make a run. Is here and things that need your participation - radio voice and a photo camera. Is pretty funny to see Sullivan, juggling the ball.
The second mode - "Video Creator" - allows you to move the effects of the application in the real world with the help of a video clip. This process occurs in several stages. First you need to select the desired character, with which you want to create a mini-movie. Then we are offered from numerous effects that are unique to each character, select one and upload it through the network. For example, Mr. Superb able to apply earthquake missile strike or kick the wall, the main thing - to send it back on track. And finally - the shooting itself. The screen displays the filter, showing the future location of objects for effect, and the image itself is obtained through the camera. Within seconds, the shooting unit must be stationary. Once the material has been successfully filmed, the application will spend a little more time to process, and voila! - Enjoy the work done and have fun.
«Disney Infinity: Action!» - Conceived as a good sport toys for lovers of all ages. Opportunity to see in one application pirate, monster and superhero and shoot video with their participation - rather attractive and interesting thing. And when you consider the fact that most game features available for free, then «Disney» earns a great benefit in karma. Perhaps only one serious drawback can be noted - quite a long process of downloading the necessary materials to create a video, and the rest - quite bearable. Of course, a full-fledged «Disney Infinity» with a variety of characters from various universes, open-world and fun activities such application is not able to replace. But it can in difficult times bring a smile to your face. And that's priceless.

- Shoot video with Jack Skellington, Mr. Exclusive, Sally and Jack Sparrow!
- Explore the unique visual effects and use them to create your own video!
- Choose from more than 30 free video effects: measure their strength with Mr. exceptional, fight with swords with Jack Sparrow or scare friends with Sally!
- Use in video game elements, such as wheels from the movie "" Tron "" or a jet pack Buzz Lightyear!

Creating a video, show it to your friends! Save it to your device, publish in Facebook, on YouTube or email.

If you want your video was published on page Disney Infinity in Facebook, send it to actionapp@disneyinfinity.com

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