Cargo Ship Construction Crane

Cargo Ship Construction Crane - an excellent simulator in which gamers will try yourself in the role of the set of characters in the port workers. Often during one mission, they will be a few times to change their place of work, and with it the task required of them. But they are all similar in that you need to act quickly to avoid downtime and at the same time to do everything as carefully as possible. From the side, the action of workers in these areas are slow and unhurried. But this is very misleading, because any delay would be very serious fines. So you can not be wrong. Every time will all begin with the truck, empty or with cargo. It was with him all the required skills and driving skills, so as not to lose valuable time when moving through a maze built on the site. Besides him, we will manage a wide range of equipment - from small mobile to cranes capable of withstanding extraordinary loads.

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