Lonely One: Hole-in-one

The creators of the Lonely One: Hole-in-one to hide the truth about the one who is the protagonist, but the fact that he is on vacation, you can guess by his reluctance to shave choice deserted places and the desire to surrender completely to golf. Only he, stick, ball, team well and ... noisy, flighty gnomes. Realizing that the boss will not be happy if they get in his eyes, crumbs hide behind the terrain and jump just to celebrate another good ball.
But vacationer kids did not notice and continues intently watch the flag to allow for the wind. The unusual topography of the field with a stretch fit for the classical rules of the game, but the bearded man is not looking for easy ways and is not going to give up. The desire to win a prize pushes into the background, even what he stands in his underpants in the midst of a snow-covered peaks.

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