Build a Kingdom

Born the King and Queen of a beautiful daughter. She looked to the newborn local fairy to wish all the best and remarkable prophecy foretold crumbs that in the 18 years of her lay down ballads, she met a handsome prince and met a wise mentor. And all would be good, if not a good aunt suffered from a split personality and shared his mind with a wicked witch, who did not hesitate to distort omen and weave a couple of unpleasant storylines. Then a magical creation flew off back home leaving the princess waiting for her "miraculous" eighteen.
As predicted daily problems X climbed one by one. Bard turned out terrible glutton for which it was necessary to build a bakery, Prince - narcissistic pompous idiot, and promised helper does not come to the feast. It smells a scandal. So we have the players to help the poor girl to solve problems with the organization of celebrations and at the same time learn to control the state.

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