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Hero Fun Fun: The ArcheryHero Fun Fun: The Archery - Asian project, which is quite surprising, because the appearance of graphic style is not like you can not say about it. Lack of kawaii characters, many minutes of dialogues and other things please all who crave adventure in pure, undiluted form. Take a bow, and go into the lair of a terrible dragon.
Little Raiders: Robin's RevengeLittle Raiders: Robin's Revenge - original mix of old-school RPG in the Asian style, and farm policies. Right proportions led to the fact that the draft before us which is really fun to play. Become the leader of the resistance, sweep their own army against the usurper, and revenge for the destruction of his native city.
 Mini Fortress Mini Fortress - very simple little game, but it quietly and very efficiently absorb your extra time. Waiting in line or in transport is best suited for this arcade. Good graphics, one-finger control, not intricate tree development and crowds of enemies will not let you relax for a second.
 World of Gibbets World of Gibbets - arcade his mechanics like a game that still has a slingshot and a lot of birds, but very, very differing filling. Beautiful graphics, physics is correct, the original structure of the locations, the challenges and the sad consequences are not accurate shooting will delight all who long for projects of this genre.

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