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Mutation MashMutation Mash - funny and quite playful game from the creators of Hopeless and other exciting projects. However only in the initial stages. Despite the impressive list of positive projects that are classic donatnaya system was implemented - if you want to play and not wait for each level of a few hours, please to the store.
Bushido Bear One day, a young and inexperienced bear the following Code of Bushido was walking through the woods and got lost. In his wanderings he came across an unusual clearing, which, as it turned out, is a sacred place of concentration of forces. Understandably, an endless source of energy want to lay hands various shady characters. But the hero arrived just in time.
Fishing BreakFishing Break - fishing arcade from Roofdog Games, Pocket Mine creators. Projects even similar graphic style and simple yet fun gameplay. Here are just a price balance is broken, and after 10 minutes of the game you realize that the need for Donato neukosnimo approaching, and it is considerably spoils the impression of the process.

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