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Bushido SagaBushido Saga - beautiful shooter about a medieval Japan with elements of fantasy. Nice graphics, easy control during combat and long duration of gameplay for a long time entice all fans of the samurai and the rising sun. Perform your duty to honor and defend their overlord.
Showa Candy Shop 2Showa Candy Shop 2 - excellent adventure project in which there is a dynamic gameplay, there are no dangerous enemies, there is a huge arsenal of weapons to deal with them, there is no threat worldwide. Here the main character is an ordinary middle-aged woman living in Japan the last century and is the mistress of a tiny pastry shop.
Samurai: War GameSamurai: War Game - easy and uncomplicated PvP strategy in real time the events that occur in medieval Japan. Gamers will participate in clan wars and strive not only to protect their family from destruction, and rise above the rest. But the dream of a complete seizure of power over the country still has not been banned.

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